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Black Disabled South African College Student, Kanyisa Ntombini, Talks About Student Protests On Campuses & Moore! sticky icon

(Leroy Moore’s Note:  As you know Krip-Hop Nation have been connecting with musicians/activists with disabilities around the world for years especially in Africa and Krip-Hop Nation will be touring South Africa in November-December 10th.  Leroy has been following the protests on college campuses in South Africa especially at University of Cape Town with disabled activist, Kanyisa Ntombini who have been organizing Black disabled poor students around disability justice issue on that campus.  Kanyisa recorded an update for Krip-Hop Nation & Poor Magazine.  B

The LandBack Turkeys

Akil Carrillo

March 8, 2022


The Landback Turkeys


Education GentriFUKation - Parker Elementary Will Not BE Closed (or Any of our Oakland Skoolz

Parker Elementary School WIll not Be Closed 

OUSD School Closures - Education GentriFUKation hits Deep East Oakland- and they FIGHT BACK!!!!

Young Skolars Need Education

Young Skolars Need Education 

Essay By Amun-Ra Lewis 

They Flipped these skoolz for a little bread

By Youth PovertySkola Ziair Hughes

The closing of schools in East Oakland has quickly erupted and teachers and students are upset. “If I die, I want the district to know my death was at your hands,” said San-Chez. San-Chez is a teacher who is on a hunger strike, because schools are being closed for no reason exactly.


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