Welfare (De) Form

Shelter Beds Are NOT Housing- the Fair Shelter Act - a PNN report

Trying to get Government Assistance ( welfare) wasn’t what I had in mind waiting to be released from prison. Sitting in that cell I pictured myself setting tile, building homes, or maybe even washing dishes, to get my life on track, make some money, and start being a part of my daughters’ life . Yes, I thought that I would do most any job, so long as it wasn’t illegal, to be there like a father should.

PNN "Reality" TV Show (Pt 1)/Show "Realidad" T.V. #1

The PNN "Reality" TV Shows were created in PeopleSkool's Revolutionary Video & Theatre Action Class of 2011


You can thank billionaire Ross Perot, among others, for transforming the paper Food Stamps food assistance program into the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) plastic credit card-like set-up we have today. Now we are getting another euphemistic treat--the phrase "Food Stamps" is being down-sized, phased out because The Man is no longer dropping pieces of paper that dramatically (embarrassed) set us Food Stamps users apart from other shoppers in stores that take/took them.

These (Budget) Kuts will Kill our Kids

"Californians need to get real, " as the words shot out of  jerry Brown's mouth, my  body started to shake with fear from that real.  The "real" of a near empty  stomach, the "real" of  bitter cold cement and vinyl back seats of cars to sleep on when you have no home.  i had felt that real for so many years of childhood poverty, the kind of real our children will be feeling if Brown's proposed budget cuts to Medi-Cal, welfare and child care  are implemented.

Working to Feed Our Children: Series of Blogs Written by Mama Skolars in People's Skool Summer Session

Mothers working across the nation to feed and house their babies are pleading with legislators to help us keep our jobs so we can keep feeding our babies..

The following are a series of revolutionary blogs by mama scholars in the summer session of peopleskool at POOR Magazine. If you care about the survival of all of our families in California please call Diane Feinstein at (202) 224-3841, Barbara Boxer at (202)224-3553 and Nancy Pelosi at (415)556-4862 and tell them to support the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes, HR 4213.


Working to Feed Our Children: Soy Una Madre/ I am a Mother -Blog series #2


Por/ By Asucena X

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    Soy una madre de familia tengo 5 hijos como familia. Y he comprendido que con el sueldo de mi esposo no nos alcansa para lo necesario.  Dia por dia luchamos como matrimonio para que nuestros hijos puedan vivir una vida digna.


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