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Day 1: Tom-Kav, Luiseño Indian Sacred Site (Campo Santo): Stop the Desecration!


Yesterday, a group of indigenous elders and tribal citizens stopped bulldozers from further damaging their sacred site, Tom-Kav. The San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians also filed a lawsuit and a temporary restraining order on Friday against Palomar College in San Diego County Superior Court in Vista.  With these two important events a caravan left from the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz to Tom-Kav to support and defend this sacred site.

Indigenous People In the Sex Trade – Our Life, Our Bodies, Our Realities

Indigenous People In the Sex Trade – Our Life, Our Bodies, Our Realities

Living Pimp-Free...

Dedicated to all warriors for Decolonization from this web of lies... thx for NEVER giving up the fight!


Living pimp –free

is not eas-y

because to be really, truly pimp-free

is to be without

the security


Of systems in place,

To secure and displace,

Reviews for the Revolution: A Difficult Beauty By David Groulx (Ojibwe)

I met David Groulx last year at the International Festival of the Authors in Toronto.  We chatted about poetry and writing programs and politics.  Two days later I heard Groulx read and I was floored. 

HOMEFULNESS: The Struggle, the Vision, the Poor Peoples-led Revolution!

From Removal to Reparations......From Houselessness to HOMEFULNESS…
From indigenous lands stolen to budget crumbs thow-en-


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