Story of my mom: Deecolonize Academy Final Essay 2020

Tiny - Posted on 05 January 2021

By Ziair Hughes

I never got to really know my dad but that's another story. Me and my mom struggled through everything, lose our house and car together. We didn't sacrifice anything. It was taken from us. My mom taught me what it was to be strong because if she wasn't strong we wouldn't have made it this far. She is also my father figure because my dad was never around, I thank my mom greatly for taking a possession that she was not expecting to take. When there was no food mama cooked warm plates for me and amir, my mom is one of the best people on this earth. I know that's cliche but she is like an ultra rare pokemon card you've been waiting so long to get and it's one of a kind, if I wasn't carrying my moms blood I wouldn't be the best young man I can be.  


My mom started on the pavement and it's still hard. We are just in phase two, my mom didn't have the best education but she has Enough to live and she’s street smart. My mom was born in 1981, she was the first born and came from a poor family. Her mother and her father were struggling, they didn't have it all and she certainly didn't have it either. My mom had to raise her siblings. She has eight so it's like she already had kids. My mom was always moving like an adult when she was a kid. The main reason why my mom is so good at cooking because she had to start young. She had me and my brothers young, Torian at 18, Amir at 23 and me at 28, so it was really hard. She lost her first son Torian 5 years ago. She was dejected for years, it was like she lost her soul and still she's saddened but her joy is slowly recharging. When my mom yells at me I know it's because she's scared for me and Amir's life that's why she does it.


She is one of the best cooks, she makes homemade meals that make you want to think that she's a professional cook. Me and amir always tell her to Go Pro but she just laughs. It's like my momma can cook anything. For mom it's hard to love for people to love her even tho people love my mom, but her scars are too big and sometimes I Wish her scars were thinner. Normally she's in a good mood but when mom's mad it's talking like with albert einstein. You could never be right but i don't mind because when shes happy shes the sweetest person.


“My name is Audrey Lovell Hughes and life for me growing up in oakland aint been no crystal stair, in fact I ain't never had a crystal nothing, not in my childhood. I've never even seen one up close and personal” said my mom Audrey Lovell Hughes 


“until your brother Torian Hughes passed away, January 11th 2015. I Received my first crystal and the poem life ain't been no crystal stair by langston hughes resonate in my heart. In 4th grade at the oratorical Fest I recited this poem. It resonated with me then it resonates with me now. So son I encourage you when life gets hard and the pressures of the world are on your shoulders don't you give up don't you sit down on them steps cuz ‘life for your mama Audrey lovell Hughes ain't been no crystal stair yet still like dust i rise’, a quote by Maya angelou. You’re cut from fine sturdy cloth.”


In conclusion: I love my mom. She's the perfect light skinned green eyed earth angel for a mom. She may not give Me everything I want but she gives her love and that's all I live on and need. I hope my mom lives long because she deserves it, and thanks to my mom I'm striving to be the best young man I can be. I love you mom and appreciate you for doing all you can do for me and my brothers.


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