Voting To Save Our Crums- Poor, Houseless & Still need to Vote

Tiny - Posted on 01 March 2020

(Podcast from a Povertyskola on this here


Fighting for the crums- 

Cuz thats all we have Sun

EBT SSI Section 8 

Hardly anything left on the 

Poor peoples plate


So yea its time to vote for number 3 of the dusty wite campaign slate

I don’t endorse any poltricksters but im scared for our crums this time fam- 

So yea im talking bout  voting when you are houseless and Bernie right now in this poem 


Neither Cheesepuff or  billionaireBerg 

Nothing comes from these fools  but more danger and mama earth hurt 

No matter what

these extractors only interested in what they have to do to

wratchet up the profit 


Politicks aint nothin but a trick 

But then being absent from the vote can make us sick

NO one day in that booth- that don’t bring the absolute truth

Don’t SAVE us or bring back stolen land, water or our roots

Voting is only one tool in upending the ruse 


But get involved

Wake Up-

Stay Up and Rise Up


The Liars and tricksters are lining up to steal more of our lives, 

Spending billions when they could build housing, liberate land 

Or pay fair wages for our hard work and time


So in the end - I still call out - 

Where my poor people at of all colors & cultures- 

Even those covertly wearing the kkklan hat

or The hegemonic wrap

& the hate for each other based on the ruling class tracks 


Open yo eyes - cuz we all need our meager crums To stay alive 

And this fool gonna keep stealing, raping & killing as long as we collectively let him


in the wite peoples house built by enslaved black & indigenous tribes


This urgent message to vote from a poverty skola- goes out to my fellow unhoused and poor folks from all nations, generations colors and stations   


Just cause we outside

it don't mean we don't need a voters guide

And its not an option to lose one more of our crums 


From EBT - to Section 8 the lies of poltricksters have continued to perpetrate 

But we r at a moment that this evil cheesePuff in the wite peoples house has to end his 


and I don’t usually do this - but im lifting up Bernie's name- 


He aint everything- he aint my savior and we will see how much of that poverty concern will actually stick with him

but we need to vote the cheesepuff out for our collective survival as poor people- 

and the narrative has to change 


Poor People Housing already e-RADicated by Obama

Section 8 bled to paper trail scarcity trauma 

Fukclosure , bankkksters & poverty industry saviors

CheesePuff didnt even have to do this-

Never fear poltricksters of all stripes already been dismantling 


But cheesepuff is busy robbing , raping mama earth, while we all stay focused on Big Pharma’s newest virus 

proposing the end of food stamps, and insane requirements from SSI - targeting indigenous refugees from Cambodia to southern turtle island - standing with global murderers of poor and indigenous people from Kashmir to the Congo - 


Slathering messy wite privilege across Mama Earth from Palestine to Syria 

The violent wite supremacist cheese puff wealth-hoarder is- planning increased criminalization of false borders, plantation prisons and endless surveillance - 


Don’t get it twisted - Im not holding bernie up as our “progressive” leader - but he just might not destroy. Take away or steal the crumbs we all need to live-and get older


the DemoCONS will not save us and neither will Bernie - but the Violent CHeesePuff has to go before  we lose the crumbs and  scarcity models we barely holding onto


In the end - voting for us poor folks is a hassle - we have to get to the polling places - deal with all the politricks they have in place to steal our vote, but do that work- get out to those polls- honor the ancestors who died for your voting souls- and like POOR Magazine uncovered before- u don’t need an address to vote- so please to my fellow houseless fam- get yourself to City hall and sign that poltrickster note- 


And even tho for us poor people Super-Tuesday is also How am I gonna get enough food day 

Make that time- stand in that line - so more of us poor & disabled peoples won’t die 


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