Grieving Mama Series: RSDX2

Tiny - Posted on 11 October 2018

Sad emotions RSDX2 .....
Trauma  I will never look at you the same .....Pain seems to be the normal way of existing .... Father God  ...How miraculous have you made us human beings. We are delicate creatures ...... Yet so strong .....I often think of how the mind, body and soul are seperated and all together wrapped up in one and then the flesh part the actual phyisical body our matter ..... The science to it all.
Often I am perplexed thinking about all of the above which I have just mentioned ..... RSDX2 
Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you? It shakes you to your core 
Now have you ever been so hurt to your heart 's core? Ever had a head ache? No, more like a mind break? With a migraine aftermath ? Ever been so truamatized that your soul is wounded, ya spirit feeling damaged, ya body simply off balance in every which of way RSDX2 ...What is it or is this ..... You got me fucked up ...
I won't be your next victim
This impact has taken us by surprise, snuck up on us... Like a theif in the night lurking, the body is the target ...Self vrs self this is a hybrid internal affliction and rare as fuck. 2 steps forward then take 2 steps back, in the famous words of former miss america/singer Paula Abdul. RSDX2 reality tv co host of the dance show the idol quotes !!!!!!!!!!
She all too well knows the ins and outs of coping dealing existing and living ..... She too was hit with this low blow. I bet you're still thinking what is RSD and how does one get around to contract it ..Is it sexualy transmitted?
Is it air born ?  The Dr says none of the above 2 people that I love suffer from this ailment ... I will never forget the day the gift was given to me. My #2 sister gurls both were in car accidents stage 3 and stage 4 auto-imune-defencency, aids but not that aids it comes frome traum inflicted core shatering mental and phyisical force due to impact. Can u imagine your life being turned upside down from the inside out due to your immune system beeing broken your spirit beeing broken and your body being broken ...Can u imagine being on the verge of being on the cuff of being the next RSD candidate .... All it takes is one good strike of one or a few of one some or all of these elements puts each and every one of us at risk ...Suddenly a road raged pissed driver smacks you in your car sending your body into shock from the dissconnection of brain spine crannium spleen vertebrae all separating from the head
Or a shooting off at the mouth reckless being in your family, or perhaps a physical impact of being abused 


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