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PNNscholar1 - Posted on 30 August 2016

Hello Friends & Supporters,


How are you? Thanks for your ongoing support of my/Krip-Hop Nation's work throughout the years! Now we come to one of our biggest dreams for Krip-Hop Nation, our South Africa Tour.


It  is September and things are rolling out for the Krip-Hop South Africa Tour Nov- December 2016


I have my ticket and the Krip-Hop South Africa crew is knee deep in getting us sponsors.  For this indiegog campign I relyaing on direct emails and close friends & supporters and less on posting on Facebook but I encourage others to post.


Our online Krip-Hop Nation South Africa Tour Indiegogo campaign IS LIVE @  We tried to get the video caption but we do  have the video transcript on the page.


The time is tight. We need to raise a lot before mid October.


This is huge for not only Krip-Hop Nation but for the disability international community. After more than 30 years of dreaming and networking (on the internet) for the day that I can touch South African land and connect with South Africans who are Deaf/Disabled, I can say it is worth the wait and work! Krip-Hop South Africa Tour in Disability Month, December!


We are fundraising to cover the following:


* Publishing a book of stories, art, poetry, essays and song lyrics of artists,writers with disabilities & who are Deaf in Africa & US.Our publisher,

* Creating, editing, producing and marketing of a film documentary of the tour.

* Accessible equipment that would make the tour more accessible like wheelchairs etc

  • Performers’ fees.


Stay tune! Thanks to POOR Magazine who is creating the Indiegogo Campaigns and thanks CB Smith-Dahl for doing the video.



The online fundraiser IS NOW OPEN. Help out! Give to Krip-Hop South Africa Tour November-December 2016


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