PNN-TV:No Saint-Hood For Serra/ Indigenous Resistance to the Canonization of a Murderer

Tiny - Posted on 25 September 2015

(Photo by Al Osorio for PNN)

The canonization of the murderer Junipero Serra by Pope Francis, which happened on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, was resisted by Indigenous Peoples of the West Coast of Turtle Island, and all peoples of conscious who refust to believe the Doctrine of Discovery. 

Words from 1st Nations Ohlone Warrior Corrina Gould:"The canonization of Serra is not complicated or complex. Its fairly simple, as I explained to CBS news in front of the Mission Delores in SF today. My ancestors were enslaved at this concentration camp created by Serra for his own ego, for the Spanish crown and for the Catholic Empire. Serra didn't save us. We already had our own religion! In fact, we were the ones that were civilized and it was Serra that introduced us to HELL.

Click here to watch Power-FUL Queer Clergy of Color resist the canonization


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