OPD Shut Down- Revolutionary Youth Skolaz March and Re-port

Tiny - Posted on 17 December 2014

 The Oakland Police Department Shutdown

December 15th, 2014  the Oakland police department (OPD)shutdown for four hours and twenty minutes.
The people who organized it, were from multiple different anti-police-brutality groups like
black out collective and others, They chained themselves to the door of the OPD head quarters at seven in the morning and stayed until eleven twenty when some cops brought in the tactical reinforcement unit and cut through the hard cover of the plastic protecting the chains.

While there, I witnessed  a t least a hundred or more people  protesting, shouting chants, and giving out doughnuts.
 It surprised me how many people chained themselves  and were willing to get arrested for the cause. Me and several other students from decolonize academy joined in about an hour in.

“INDITE, CONVICT, SEND THOSE KILLA COPS TO JAIL! THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM, IS GUILTY AS HELL” shouts the crowd,  as they stare the line of cops straight in the eyes.

The feeling of being there, protesting it just gives you that specific rush that you can only get from protests.

-Nadja Mogilewski  


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