Papa Bear on Sit/Lie Laws

Tiny - Posted on 03 October 2012

I’m Papa Bear. That’s my alias. My real name is Abdullah. What’s coming down on the street - I know you’ve seen it in the papers - is Sit/Lie laws are starting to be enforced in the Haight area and big time in the Tenderloin.

The shelter beds were full. I slept in an alley. I was arrested. I had to accept the Judge’s ruling. One year probation, and a stay away order from the alley I slept in. If I’m caught in the alley I slept in, I get a year in county jail.

Having your freedom taken away is the worst thing that can happen to you. Someone telling you what to do - I’m my own man.

I’m a double Vet. I spent 2 years in the army, 2 years in the Marine and too many years in Vietnam. I fought hard and worked hard for this country. I died for this country. In Vietnam, I woke up on a cot and they took me to surgery for 56 hours. I’m still hurting.

Sit/Lie law is not joke. They are promoting it big time. Enforcing it big time. In the Tenderloin, there are more black and whites (cop cars), more undercover, and everyone is enforcing Sit/Lie.

People are scared. They’re terrified. You want to speak out, but people are scared. So many undercover, people are like, “man, we scared” - but you got to go to sleep soon, where you gonna go?

I remember in 1984 they started to clear out the Civic Center because it was near Moscone and the Democratic Convention was coming to town. From what you tell me, no area of San Francisco is free anymore. I think the City got too famous for being a free spirit and people without a free spirit moved in trying to grasp the attitude.

Now that they live in San Francisco, they want to make it into San Mateo. I heard that for the last several years the Castro has been under attack by the Gentrification (rich or upper class) / Generification (want everyting the same) Crowd. They don't live in San Francisco, they live in the ruins of San Francisco.

And losing your freedom has to be the worst thing possible.

If that last sentence is aimed at my comment from the 13th (sorry if that sounds either egotistical or paranoid), then I totally agree. But does living the way Papa Bear lives, even though he is not incarcerated, count as freedom?

I ask this in all humility and sincerity, as someone who has been fortunate enough not to be in Papa Bear's shoes: is being in jail really worse than being on the streets, in constant fear of arrest? I would think that jail is better, but of course, I'm speaking from ignorance.

much worse than those occupiers. The answer is in how they see you. This is the disgusting reality we live in and this man deserves respect and peace. No to: Prop L , Civilized sidewalks & SIT LIE. I think Mr Anon you might be getting at something.


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