From Colonization to Assimilation

Tiny - Posted on 08 August 2012

I remember the days when my mother would tuck me in at night with a sad look on her face, almost to a point of crying. I never did ask what was wrong because I had an idea, but knew that if I went further I felt I would’ve broken her. To this day I still don’t know what makes her sad. I only know one truth to her that I fear on the daily, the idea of losing her child.

As a survivor of the institutionalized system of foster care and group homes, I wish to point out the inhumane ways of brainwashing our young children of color into believing that their parents were horrible creatures’, as one therapist put it, that didn’t deserve to keep their children.

My mother did not have the mental capability to fully raise me in a “proper” manner. She had the physical capability to provide a home, food, and put me in school. But she had problems to deal with on her own. She had her ways of dealing with those problems, which was usually drinking.

The fact remains that many children get taken from their parents all he time due to poverty, forced diasporas, police brutality, and straight up racial profiling. 1.“Native American families feel the brunt of this. Their children make up less than 15 percent of the child population, yet they make up more than half of the children in foster care.”

This is a perfect example of assimilation in the united ‘snaaakes’ of amerikkka. Assimilation is a psychological way of stripping one’s identity from them. Many would say otherwise but to those who can empathize, you know the feeling During the days of forced assimilation
in the boarding schools, my mother was beaten, raped, and many other unspeakable deeds occurred. My mother struggled with that since she iived in the days of “kill an Indian, save a man” days.

I have been told many times that families, especially those in diasporas, need the right people behind them. We’re talking lawyers, doctors, and expert witnesses. My father was an expert witness for the Indian Child Welfare Act. He has saved many native children from what
goes on in the system. We need those who have that compassion and determination to save the children from the system or we change the system.

Now as a young single Lakota Sioux father and understand the fear of many parents that have been through what I have. I plan on putting my heart and soul into raising my daughter in a traditional and humble way. Maybe one day she may save a few children from the forced
diaspora of ASSIMILATION!

And how do you expect your daughter to ever be one of these, and "save a few children from the forced diaspora of ASSIMILATION," if you plan on "putting [your] heart and soul into raising [her] in a traditional and humble way." For that matter, are you on a trajectory to be what your father was?
And yes, I fully expect this post to be deleted, so you can ignore the truth, and revel in glorified slackerdom.

To: Anonymous: You would have to be 'anonymous' to write such a pathetic, brash and ignorant reply/comment to this story. What do you know about Native American issues around assimilation and such? From the looks of things, you are probably just another ignorant 'pilgrm', who makes absolutely no damn sense with your 'insensitive and senseless' reply/comment posting here, so get back on your Mayflower and sail out of here.

I find it highly amusing when people criticize others for posting as "Anonymous," while doing the same themselves.
As for "sensitivity" to Native American issues, you can fantasize all you want about the "pilgrims" sailing out of here on the Mayflower, but it's not going to happen.
And I'll tell you what I know about "assimilation and such:" if you want to be anything more than a welfare recipient (fully dependent on the white man, by definition), you're going to have to be an educated and functioning member of modern society. Sorry, but that means "assimilation."

My name is _________________ . I will not honor you by telling you my name, because you didn't have the decency, or courage rather, to give US your real name. I just want to let you know that you may try to demean and discourage people and by your comments I can tell that it makes you feel good or smart or whatever.

I feel bad for you; because you are disrespectful, arrogant, ignorant and you can't see the beauty in this man's words, you cannot see the courage in them, the strength in them, the survivor in them, the intelligence in them and that shows just how confused, mean and disconnected you are. My suggestion is that you stop before lashing out and think about what happened to you to make you have a need to feel superior?

I won't honor your temper tantrum by feeding it with more of the same non-sense and I hope nobody else does either.


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