We-Search PNN-Radio: Mothers and Fathers in poverty on the impact of California's 2011 Budget Cuts

Tiny - Posted on 02 March 2011

GENOCIDE?! (Excuse me, "genoSIZE" is what I believe she actually said.) Do you whack-jobs actually think about what you're saying before you post it here? If the US is in danger of becoming a third world country, it's because ignoramuses like the ones on this recording are becoming far too numerous.
But that's OK, because if the people on this recording are correct, the governor of California will soon be rounding them up into concentration camps. Heil Brown!

really? sounds like someone hasn't had their children taken away from them for being poor lately. im guessing also the above poster hasnt recently been told that your kids are going to be sicker because of the governor's crowd-pleasing budget "compromise" between the rich, the loyal rich wannabes, and the richer.

i am deeply worried for anyone who sits by and watches this happen and doesnt feel the shame in it, and doesnt feel the pain, and doesnt feel anything for the lives of those sickened and abused at a whim when it could be us next. i am honestly appalled that you could have nerve to come to a place where people are sharing intimate personal testaments, and the first thing you do is criticize someone's diction.

maybe try listening again but dont get so distracted by word choice.

when we recognize the truth of the dignity of poor people we will resist this. that is the only way to save ourselves. what makes you so sure you wont end up at the concentration camp? im curious.

Well, first of all, I don't think I'll end up in a concentration camp for the simnple reason that there aren't any.
Second, it is true that I haven't had my children taken away because I am poor, but, then, I suspect no one else has either. Why would they? What value do the children of the poor have? Who, exactly, wants them?
Finally, such dignity as poor people possess lies in their ability to take care of their own, in spite of their poverty. The kind that expect, and demand, ever-greater tax-payer handouts do not fall into this category.


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