Working to Feed Our Children: Blog series #1 Mothers Helping Our Children Survive

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 04 September 2010

By Libah Sheppard      


          I believe everything in the universe happens for a reason and I am truly grateful.  I am grateful for my child I am grateful for cal works because without the food stamps and the financial help and medical my child and I would be hungry homeless and sick.  Although we have experience hunger homelessness and illness I know in my soul that it would be so much worse.  As a welfare mom I recently had the blessing of being given work experience for pay.  This work experience at San Francisco City College has boosted my self-esteem and truly helps me realize that I am working for myself and the betterment of my child.  Although I only make $400 month this has truly been a help to the betterment of my mind soul and spirit.


        I am very disturbed to hear that the  American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes HR4213 is on it way to being cut out.Before I began working at the college I felt useless.  I felt like I had nothing to offer to myself my child or humanity.  After suffering from severe domestic violence from my daughter father who himself had mental issues the devastation and trauma of the experience shattered me into pieces.  I blamed myself for everything.  Even though I take owner ship in my part I was not solely the blame for all the harm coming my way.  The community jobs program has helped me to be independent and to support  myself and my child.


        The thought of this program being cut out is causing me to have a lot of anxiety.  The program is a living wage for myself  and my child and without this program I hate to think about what may happen but all that I know is that it would make a worse situation worse.  I think if you think about loosing your job then you can feel my pain.  I am asking for the extension of this program because I do not want myself and my child to end back up in a homeless situation.  This program has truly and continues to truly benefit my family I am pleading that you do not stop it and put my family back into harm way.  I am a single mom who is trying to do the right thing and I am not asking for a hand out I am asking for a opportunity to be able to work for myself and my child.  What will you do will you continue to turn your back on the children or will you take action?  My children and our children here in America deserve to survive don't you think, but without the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes HR4213/ Community Jobs Program unfortunately so many of our children will not be able to    survive.   


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