Working to Feed Our Children: In the Same Boat as Others -Blog series #7

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 04 September 2010

By La Toyia

              I am a single mother living in the Bayview Hunters Point area and I depend on the Calworks system. Through the stimulus money and the governmental assistance, I am able to go to school, and hold a 9910 job with city college of San Francisco. So the passing of the new governmental legislation for extending the money and Jobs Now program is very important to my family and I. Being that I have come from a life of struggle and over coming obstacles just like other minorities. I believe that everybody deserves a fair chance to access jobs in order to provide for their families. As of now people in the government don't consider those who receive public aid as being worth, or deserving of this opportunity. Many believe in the false image of the welfare queen, sitting on her butt and collecting money. But the truth is, and as a mother I can testify, that we work for every dollar we receive.

        Extending the money for the community jobs program helps to empower and motivate those very people socially seen as deviants. Most people who are criminally deviant are doing things which will help them support and provide for their families. If you take away the program it puts more people in the place where stealing diapers, food,or selling things illegally will be their only chance at survival.

              I fully support and want to encourage others to support the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loophole HR 4213, and extending the program in this time of not simply a recession but approaching the depression status. It will help stimulate the economy, motive the poor, empower the youth. It will be the moving force behind filling necessary jobs such as sanitation workers, nursing assistance, home health aid workers, etc. All the low level shit jobs none of the higher level snob people want to do. Because without their nannies, workers in old folks homes, garbage men, etc. `their lives would not run everyday. So unless they plan on getting down there and wiping their own kid noses, picking up and disposing of their own trash and recycleables. They need to stop hindering the progression of the little guy, and help support them.


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