50+ And Counting

root - Posted on 21 November 2009

OK,pass the big 50.

Time for what else?

Travel and return or keep...

on Truckin'

by Joseph Bolden


OK folks,its been a long while since I’ve been writing a regular column in Poor Magazine.

I left the organization for a bit,dj-ed radio for a time then it close down due to theft.

Recently I returned from Colorado, a friend I know there invited me and a few close friends to spend a few days their during Memorial Day weekend.

It was worth going and I’ll go again.

Saturday,June,6,2009 will be a milestone of sorts for me.

I’ll be 55.

Its currious that what I’ve missed out in youth; that is drinking,drugs, bar fights,marriage,fathering children,sex wasn’t as important as living/surviving through this hectic,warp speed decades.

So I missed lots of high school reunions, college,university,or undergraduate experiences and being in porn films…

(the latter still possible if a few lovely women invited me for a tryout,even if it didn’t pan out at least I'd have evidence of my go-for- gusto on a compact disk.)

Speaking of adult themes while at work I admit to looking at porn sites but also more important adult dating sites.

The four sites I’ve decided to go online and pay is a woman run website



Friend finder for
and Senior Friend Finder.com

My problem: having avoided the HIV/AIDS quick–to-slow die disease.

I still want my dirty, raunchy,sex but with women clean as I am.

I'd show my sex-med card/paper they show me theirs.

Iffy or questionable clean bill of health= no shagging,snogging,muff diving,tongue lashing to be had.Horny,Yes but not worth dying!

I wanna live to be 56 and beyond.

Besides,I’ve got to prove to those believing in the sanctity and safety of marriage that single men can live long, vigorous, productive lives without the aid of a church and state.

I believe single males no longer need worry about being unmarried,without issue or with issue–just live,enjoy,and pace ourselves just as women naturally do.

Guys,you know they don’t know what they want because when we ask them to define it,nail it down, they get ambiguous and yes they’re more fluid sexually so what,the Gayells,straying into male land for a while to return to fem land again only shows never really doesn’t mean never just for now.

So guys especially straight guys who aren’t all twisty,bendy,and fluid relax be happy we know are limitations.

I know I like women whatever size,shape,A cup to ample triple H, XXX boulder holders.

I don’t care about men haters, basher's.
The-we-don’t-need-you-have-our-own-stash-flash ladies.

Let 'em join the The-No-WOMB-Men’s-club its probably a lonely group to have to gripe all the time anyway.

I have new endeavors like working on a Cruise Ship, visiting ports of call not possible at this time.

Learning Massage, Acupressure/Acupuncture so when I’m on board ship I have a good skill all sexes may enjoy though only with one sex to me is worth while enjoying

Learning to fix PC’s, stockroom, or data entry.

As a member of A.A.R.P. Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons.

Also as the middle member in the babyboom generation I see what’s ahead of me also those coming up.

Well, I messed up educationally, economically, but not in health so what to do?

Make money real fast, self invest, and or have other help me too and

lastly set up an annuity and with excess amount of cash

have 5 to 10 million or so in the bank, get a brilliant accountant and or economist

to get as high a percentage of money doled out to me monthly if I can and touch the principle living on a fixed budget.

Might as well buy an RV if I cannot afford a home.

The main thing is get/be stable and live the rest of my life traveling, fornicating with women that like that sort of thing and keep an eye out on life extension technologies.

One last thing, to all the women who’ve written me over the years and I couldn’t answer –

I live in a danger part of San Francisco I wouldn’t want any of you visit me in such a crazed place.

I’ll visit you where you feel safe in your own place or a hotel sometimes I pay sometimes you thing where all grown folk.

No state, gov, county, or nosey people have a right comment on it.

That’s what I really love about being 55 I can do what I want with whom I want and they with me its all completely our choice.

Although I’d still like to be in porn films like that blessed 79 year old Asian guy.

Now he is living his life his way!
Unless he's the oldest sex slave forced to bed women!

That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do live my life my way and for as long and I want not because of constantly changing rules.

Live, learn, love long, post death, chose life again.

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