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root - Posted on 21 November 2009

Politics Again!

Here we go on a-voting spree.

by Joseph Bolden

Poli Econo Panic Patch
My appologies folks, I’ve been ill, well, sick again, followed by wellness.

I pray if I were infected by swine flu and recovered have had enough anti bodies against the virus to remain healthy. (if not I don’t want to know what I’ve survived so far!)

Anybody else miss the May 12th deadline for voting by mail as I have?

The Special Elections on shoring up the National Economic Budget Cricis.

Voting on 1A to 1D. Like most people it may be inconvient but better inconvienced than go though this again every few decades.

Luckily its not the 19th of May and I can still drop off my vote at City Hall this Saturday.

Before the yammering about 1A through D I must loudly proclaim writing on political stuff is painful as peircing sirens waking you up from a sound sleep at 4 am in the morning.

Let me prepare for this struggle.

Its Special Election time… again Ballots Propositions 1A to 1E.

1A is Change Cali’s budget process limiting state spending increases
“Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund.

1)Pro = Fundamental changes economically to the way things are done now.
2)Con = Do nothing and work with the system now in place.

Folks more into this know more than I. No matter what we must decide.

1B Education Funding Plan.
1)The Legislature and Governor can overide Tests suspending Prop. 98 which requires a two thirds vote of each house of the Legislature.
(Its already sounds more complex than it has to be to me)
2 Pay teactures more, less testing on them or students.

I’ve no Idea how I’ll vote on this but our future depends on an educated populace both young; yes our children need a grade A education they are our future but life long education for every citizen wanting and needing it should be our ultimate goal along with nationalized health care for all.
(But that’s just me).

1C Lottery Modernization Act.
1)Pro = Change and improve or keep it as is, our choice.
2)Con= Keep lottery the system as is; again our choice again.

1D Protects Children’s Services Funding Helps Balance State Budget.

1)Pro = Don’t know what to say except its up to leaders and us to close all loopholes to really protect our children until they can protect themselves.

2)Con = Vote no and hope children learn to protect themselves.

1E Mental Health Services Funding.

Temporary Reallocation. Helps Balance State Budget.

1)Pro = It is needed and must be changed, improved.

2)Con = Mental Health Service Funding is fine no change needed.

1F Elected Officials Salaries. Prevent Pay Increases During Deficit Years.

1)Pro = Money from deflated official salaries goes to working people who’s hourly wages go up to 23 to 40+ and hour along with benefits.

2)Con = Let capitalism work its wonders without changes to official salaries.

Well that’s the (1A to 1E) Ballot Voting in a Nutshell.

It’s more complex than the above but why hassle all this manure?

I’m going to be up early do my civic duty then leave the city for a day or two.

Because after this special election it time to relax, make love, and forget the pol crud for a few days.

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