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Education for all Peoples Outside the Institution

Race, Poverty, Media

The Race, Poverty, Justice Institute

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute at POOR Magazine has a revolutionary way of addressing the impact of poverty that up-ends the traditional US models of service provision, mental health treatment, media production, education, policy creation and philanthropy.


PeopleSkooL/Escuela de la gente

Education for all peoples outside the Institution/ Educación para todos los pueblos fuera de la Institución — En Español

Youth in Media

Youth in Media

Training in radio, video and on-line blogging & journalism for youth skolaz 14-19 yrs (Full and partial scholarships and stipends offered for youth in poverty)

Family Project

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Project

Family Access to Multi-cultural Intergenerational Learning with our Youth

Community Newsroom

Community Newsroom

POOR Magazine's indigenous news-making circle where we re-define news as art, poetry, talk-story,prayer and music, where we redefine who is a news-maker and where we decide what the news will be, together, as a family, in a non-hierarchal circle.

WeSearch Project

WeSearch Project

Poor people led research and pro-active media deconstructing the lies told about criminalized and mythologized communities.

Po' Scholar Fund

Po Scholar fund

The Po' Scholar fund needs your help. With a donation to Po Skolah Fund you will be sponsoring youth, adults and elders in poverty resisting silencing and oppression by getting their voices heard in print, on-line and radio media.

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